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CAS 106650-56-0 New Weight Loss Sibutramine Raw Materials

CAS 106650-56-0 New Weight Loss Sibutramine Raw Materials

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    106650-56-0 Weight Loss Sibutramine


    CAS 106650-56-0


    Weight Loss Sibutramine Raw Materials

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CAS 106650-56-0 New Weight Loss Sibutramine Raw Materials

New Sibutramine Imported Raw Materials Manufacturers Supply Sibutramine Raw Materials


CAS no. : 106650-56-02021


Molecular formula: C17H26ClN


Molecular weight: 279.84800


More accurate quality: 279.17500


PSA: 3.24000


LogP: 4.73800


Physical and chemical properties: white crystalline powder


Melting point: 191-192 ° C

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Sibutramine chemical name is 1-(4-chloro - b) -n,N-- α -(2-propyl) cyclobutylamine, is a white crystalline powder,

Indication: Sibutramine is suitable for obesity that cannot be alleviated and controlled by exercise and dietary control, and can reduce and maintain weight loss. It should be combined with a low-calorie diet and exercise. It is recommended that obese patients have a body mass index greater than or equal to 30kg/m or greater than or equal to 27kg/m with other risk factors (such as hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, etc.).

Pharmacological effects of sibutramine raw materials: non - phenylbb amine appetite inhibitors, at the same time with anti-depression characteristics. Sibutramine is mainly through the second level (M1) and primary amine metabolites (M2), its mechanism of action to curb s on gland gland gland element, serotonin and dopamine reuptake, increase the sense of satiety and accelerate energy consumption, and on the s gland gland on gland element, the release of serotonin and dopamine had no obvious effect. The results also showed that sibutramine and its amine metabolites had no significant anticholine, antihistamine and monoamine oxidases inhibition.


Sibutramine uses:

1.5-HT reuptake inhibitors, used for obesity.

2. Sibutramine, as an inhibitor of s-supradenin and 5-HT reuptake, acts mainly through its metabolites. It can increase physiological satiety, reduce appetite, induce thermogenesis, increase energy consumption and reduce fat accumulation by inhibiting cell reuptake of monoamine information transfer factors such as 5-HT and S supradenin. Obesity for diet control, exercise failure to lose weight and weight control .


Sibutramine synthesis method: a mixture of p-chlorophenonitrile, KOH and acetonitrile at 25% : slowly drop 1, 3-dibromopropane. After dropping, continue stirring for 1h, add distilled water, and then extract with ethyl acetate. The extract was washed with water and saturated salt and dried. After filtration, decompression concentration and distillation, the fraction of 160℃/2.13kPa was collected to obtain compound (ⅰ) with yield of 73% ~ 74%. Magnesium tablets were dissolved in anhydrous THF, and isobutyl bromine was dropped, and then reacted for 1h, and then anhydrous THF solution of compound (ⅰ) was added slowly, and then reflux for 4h, and cooled to room temperature. It was dropped into isopropyl alcohol solution of KBH4 and reflux for 4h. Cool, add water and extract with ethyl acetate. The extract was washed with water and saturated salt and dried. After filtration, the filtrate was decompressed and concentrated before distillation, and the fraction of 170℃/0.67kPa was collected to obtain compound (ⅱ) in 76% ~ 79% yield. Compound (ⅱ), formic acid and 1/2 formaldehyde were stirred at 90 ~ 92℃ for 1h. Add another 1/2 formaldehyde solution, and continue to react for 1h. Cool to room temperature, stir and pour slowly into crushed ice, then extract. The extract was washed with saturated salt water and dried. After filtration, the filtrate was concentrated to obtain earthen yellow sibutramine with 94% yield. , melting point 52 ~ 53℃. Sibutramine was dissolved in methanol, concentrated and reacted at 50-60 'C for 10min. Decompression of methanol recovery to a small amount of crystallization precipitation, add water, stir, ice bath cooling. Filtration, washing, sibutramine crude, methanol - water recrystallization, sibutramine white crystal, melting point 194℃, 83% yield.

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Usage and dosage of sibutramine raw materials: the recommended starting dose is 50mg, once a day, which can be taken alone or with food in the morning. If weight loss is insufficient, the dose can be adjusted to 55mg per day after 4 weeks. If the patient cannot tolerate a dose of 50mg, it can be reduced to 5mg per day. The dosage should be adjusted according to the patient's blood pressure and heart rate. It is not recommended to use more than 75mg per day