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99% Sildenafil Powder Raw Materials Sildenafil Procurement

99% Sildenafil Powder Raw Materials Sildenafil Procurement

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    99% Sildenafil Powder


    Sildenafil Powder Raw Materials


    99% Sildenafil Procurement

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    Kan Ying
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    White Crystalline Powder
  • Function
    Sex Enhancement
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    Seal And Dry Away From Light
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    Kan Ying
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    To discuss
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Dollars
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99% Sildenafil Powder Raw Materials Sildenafil Procurement

Sildenafil High Quality Sildenafil Raw Materials Manufacturers Sildenafil Procurement Wholesale Market Sildenafil Price


Description of sildenafil:


Name: Sildenafil citrate/sildenafil


English alias: Viagra; Sidenafil citrate


CAS no. : 171599-83-0


Molecular formula: C21H28N6O4S


Molecular weight: 460


Density: 1.447 g/cm3


Boiling point: 698.72°C at 760 mmHg


Flash: 376.372 ° C


Vapor pressure: 0mmHg at 25°C


Physical and chemical properties:


Appearance: white crystalline powder


Solubility: soluble in dimethyl formamide, insoluble in alcohol.


Melting point: 190-193


Purity: above 99.3%


1. Sildenafil dosage and usage:


Clinical trials, for export purposes. The dosage of Asian 80-120mg/ day, can not be taken directly by mouth, can be made to take capsule tablets. Based on the positive relationship between sildenafil side effects and dosage, the dosage can be adjusted according to personal constitution and actual side effects. Please consult sales staff for details.

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2. Instructions for taking sildenafil:


(1) Sildenafil should be used under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

(2) Patients who have had stroke and heart attack, hypotension, or some rare hereditary eye diseases and pigmented optic motitis are contraindicated.

(3) Sildenafil is contraindicated with NO donors because of reports of severe hypotension resulting from sildenafil contraindication with NO donors.

(4) Sildenafil is contraindicated in patients with a history of serious cardiovascular disease and who are not suitable for sexual activity and severe liver damage.


3. Side effects of sildenafil:


1. Headache. Clinical trials have found that about 1% of people get headaches with higher doses.

2. Dazzling. About 0.3 percent of those taking the drug experienced temporary blurred vision, and some had hallucinations of seeing blue light.

3. Faint. May cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, such as taking drugs at the same time, often immediately faint or even faint.

4. Mask cardiovascular disease. Impotence can be a sign of heart disease, diabetes or cancer, and taking the drug can mask the true condition.


4. Sildenafil references:


Sildenafil citrate, suitable for capsules, tablets. Take it about 1 hour before sexual activity as needed, and sexual stimulation is required after taking it. However, it can be taken at any time within 0.5 ~ 4h before sexual activity. Based on the efficacy and tolerance, the daily dose can be adjusted between 50 ~ 120mg, and the medication should not be taken more than once a day. Studies have shown that when a single dose of 800mg is increased in healthy volunteers, adverse reactions are similar to those at lower doses, but the incidence increases. When overdosing, routine supportive therapy should be used as needed. Because sildenafil binds to plasma proteins at a high rate and is not cleared from urine, hemodialysis does not increase clearance.


Sildenafil is absorbed quickly after oral administration, and takes effect in 10 ~ 40 minutes. The bioavailability is about 40%. The peak plasma concentration (Cmax) was reached 30 ~ 120min after fasting oral administration, and 90 ~ 180min after postprandial oral administration. The blood concentration and cmax were 2ng/ml and 440ng/ml respectively 24h after oral administration of 100mg in healthy volunteers. Increased area under curve (AUC) in patients with abnormal liver function, severe renal insufficiency or over 65 years of age. About 96% of sildenafil and its main circulating metabolite (n-demethylated) bind to plasma protein, and the protein binding rate is independent of the total drug concentration. The tissue was well distributed and the distribution volume (Vd) was 105L. Sildenafil is primarily cleared by the liver microsomal enzyme cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP 3A4, the primary pathway) and cytochrome P450 2C9 (CYP 2C9, a secondary pathway). Its main metabolite (n-demethylated) has a PDE selectivity similar to that of sildenafil, and its plasma concentration is about 40% of that of sildenafil, so about 20% of sildenafil's pharmacological effects are due to its metabolites. The elimination half-life of sildenafil and its metabolites is about 4h, 80% of the dose is excreted mainly in the form of metabolites through feces and 13% through kidney. Sildenafil was less than 0.001% of the dose in serum of healthy volunteers 90 minutes after administration.

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Requirements of sales staff for customers:

(1) Please tell the sales staff the name of the product in advance, attach CAS as far as possible, and explain to the sales staff the required quantity and whether freight is included, so that the sales staff can give you the quotation in advance.

(2) Next, please ask the customer to explain to the sales staff how much and how much product specifications are needed, so that the sales staff can verify the freight as soon as possible.

(3) Please explain to the sales staff whether the invoice needs to be issued and the nature of the invoice, and attach the delivery address and other relevant instructions.

(4) for some inquiry customers, please do not when the sales staff is a quotation machine, do not ask some unreliable, or very outrageous inquiries, there is please do not inquiry every day, and always do not buy, so that my sales staff can stop your quotation, thank you for your support.

(5) for customer need some samples, would you please explain what are you doing, don't think to send you the samples should be, because I every day to send out dozens of samples, my company sales staff, also need to filter can long-term cooperation with us and customer, not considerate or impolite, hope understanding.

The above only represents some of the basic requirements of our company or related instructions, not thoughtful and incomplete, hope to give advice. At the same time, we hope to cooperate with your company for a long time. Welcome to visit and buy sildenafil