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White Crystalline Benzocaine Powder

White Crystalline Benzocaine Powder

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    White Crystalline Benzocaine Powder


    Purity 99% cas 94-09-7


    99% Benzocaine Powder

  • Product Title
  • Brand Name
    Kan Ying
  • Purity
  • Appearance 
    White Crystalline Powder Or Colorless Crystal
  • CAS No
  • Boiling Point
    310.7±15.0 °C At 760 MmHg
  • Melting Point
    88-90 °C
  • Flash Point
    164.2±17.9 °C
  • Storage
    Cool Dry Place
  • Shelf Life
    2 Years
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    Kan Ying
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    To discuss
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Dollars
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White Crystalline Benzocaine Powder

Benzocaine White Crystalline Powder Or Colorless Crystal CAS No 94-09-7


1. Product title:Benzocaine


2. Product parameter table:


Product Name Benzocaine Specification 99%
Appearance White crystalline powder or colorless crystal CAS No 94-09-7
Brand Name Kan Ying Store-method Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life 2 Years When
Properly Stored
From India



3. Product Description:

Benzocaine is a chemical substance commonly used to solve many health-related problems. It is used as a local pain reliever or cough syrup. It is one of the most effective ingredients and can be used in various over-the-counter medicines, especially narcotic ointments. Due to the extreme changes in people's lifestyles, people are in great demand for various painkillers to eliminate the pressure that people usually bear.

Benzocaine can also be used as an anesthetic. Most dentists choose this drug for minor surgery. It helps to block the nerve signals that produce pain. It can also be used for discomfort caused by skin irritation, sunburn, sore throat and more.



4. Physicochemical properties:

Density 1.1±0.1 g/cm3
Boiling point 310.7±15.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Melting point 88-90 °C
Molecular formula C9H11NO2
Molecular weight 165.189
Flash point 164.2±17.9 °C
Accurate quality 165.078979
PSA 52.32000
LogP 1.95
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Vapor pressure 0.0±0.7 mmHg at 25°C
Refractive index 1.555
Storage conditions
Keep sealed and protected from light.
It is stable in the air, odorless and bitter. It is alkaline. The color changes to yellow when exposed to light.
Molecular Structure
1. Molar refractive index: 46.89
2. Molar volume (cm3/mol): 146.1
3. Isotonic specific volume (90.2K): 377.7
4. Surface tension (dyne/cm): 44.6
5. Polarizability (10-24cm3): 18.59
Computational Chemistry
1. Hydrophobic parameter calculation reference value (XlogP): 1.9
2. Number of hydrogen bond donors: 1
3. Number of hydrogen bond acceptors: 3
4. Number of rotatable chemical bonds: 3
5. Number of tautomers: 2
6. Topological molecular polar surface area (TPSA): 52.3
7. Number of heavy atoms: 12
8. Surface charge: 0
9. Complexity: 151
10. Number of isotope atoms: 0
11. Determine the number of atomic stereo centers: 0
12. Uncertain number of atomic stereo centers: 0
13. Determine the number of chemical bond stereo centers: 0
14. Uncertain number of chemical bond stereo centers: 0
15. Number of covalent bond units: 1


5. use:1. Ultraviolet absorber. Mainly used in sunscreen and tanning cosmetics, it is chemically stable to light and air, safe to the skin, and has the ability to form a film on the skin. Can effectively absorb U. V. B area 280-320μm (medium wave light area) ultraviolet rays. The addition amount is usually about 4%.
2. This product is a local anesthetic, used for relieving itching and pain on wounds, ulcers and hemorrhoids, with a concentration of 5%-20%. It is also used as an intermediate in drug synthesis and organic synthesis.


6. Precautions:1. Limited to external use.
2. Poor water solubility, acting on the topical application, with minimal absorption.
3. In children, use large doses with caution, which may cause the risk of methaemoglobinemia.


7. Pictures of the product:

White Crystalline Benzocaine Powder 0White Crystalline Benzocaine Powder 1