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C6H6CaO6 Calcium Pyruvate Weight Loss Supplement Powder

C6H6CaO6 Calcium Pyruvate Weight Loss Supplement Powder

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    C6H6CaO6 Calcium Pyruvate Weight Loss


    calcium pyruvate powder


    calcium pyruvate supplement

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    Calcium Pyruvate
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    Slightly Soluble In Water
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    White Powder
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    Kan Ying
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C6H6CaO6 Calcium Pyruvate Weight Loss Supplement Powder

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1, Product title:Calcium pyruvate


2, Product parameter table:


Product name Calcium pyruvate appearance White powder
Use of the product Lose weight and clear fat, increase endurance content 99%
Molecular formula C6H6CaO6 Shelf Life 2 Years
CAS 52009-14-0 Storage Cool Dry Place



3, Product Description:


Calcium pyruvate is a calcium salt of pyruvate, very stable, white crystalline powder, tasteless, almost neutral, slightly soluble in water. Pyruvate is extremely unstable and easily oxidized. Weak oxidants Fe and H2O2 can oxidize pyruvate into acetic acid and emit carbon dioxide. Pyruvate is an intermediate product in the process of carbohydrate metabolism in organic bodies, and also a necessary transit station for protein and lipid metabolism. It is a colorless and irritating liquid under natural conditions, with a boiling point of 165℃ (decomposition) and soluble in water. In addition to the typical properties of hydroxyacid and ketone, it also has the characteristics of A-ketone acid. Pyruvate is the simplest form of a-ketoic acid (a hydroxy acid).


4,Use of the product:


Lose weight and clear fat, increase endurance, excellent calcium supplements, lower cholesterol and low density cholesterol (LDL) and improve heart function


5. application: Weight loss
When calcium pyruvate enters the body, it is first replaced by hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach with a weak organic acid-pyruvate (molecular weight 88), which easily penetrates the cell membrane and enters the cell, and reaches the mitochondria, the energy processing plant of the body cells through osmosis. The imported fatty acids (mainly long-chain type) are oxidized and burned for energy, and the body macroscopically shows fat reduction and weight loss. The scientific test results of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Research Center are surprising: calcium pyruvate can increase fat consumption by at least 48%.
Researchers at this institution allowed subjects to take high-fat foods while supplementing calcium pyruvate daily, reducing plasma cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) by 4% and 5%, respectively, while those who only ate high-fat foods The cholesterol of subjects without calcium pyruvate remained unchanged; after six weeks of calcium pyruvate ingestion, their heart rate, blood pressure, and heart rate/blood pressure were measured and decreased by 9%, 6%, and 12%, respectively. Ronal Tank, MD, of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Research Center, said that it is through this involvement in fat oxidation to manipulate fat metabolism.
Increase endurance
Dr. Ronald Tank of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Research Center first asked the volunteers to take exercise endurance tests before taking the test, and then asked them to take calcium pyruvate for seven consecutive days. The results showed that at least 20% of the subjects were supplemented with calcium pyruvate. Endurance. This is of great significance to athletes. It will bring tremendous vitality to manual workers, high-intensity mental workers and athletes, but its nature is not a doping agent, so its development and application have boundless prospects.
Good calcium supplement
Calcium pyruvate is also a calcium nutritional supplement. Although its calcium content is less than 20%, the acid radical ions entering the human body will not increase the burden on the liver and kidneys and produce side effects like other calcium supplement products. Pyruvate ions can enter the cells and participate in the metabolism of organic matter without affecting weight loss without affecting protein storage.
Lower cholesterol and low density cholesterol (LDL)
This is of great significance in clinical nutrition, effectively preventing the appearance of high blood index and related diseases, because the main component that causes cardio-cerebrovascular atherosclerosis is low-density cholesterol (LDL).
Improve heart function
This is mainly because calcium pyruvate acts on the mitochondria of myocardial cells to supply the energy required for myocardial activity in a timely manner, improve myocardial pumping endurance, and thus prolong the life of the heart.


6. Pictures of the product:

C6H6CaO6 Calcium Pyruvate Weight Loss Supplement Powder 0C6H6CaO6 Calcium Pyruvate Weight Loss Supplement Powder 1