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C29H50O2 430.71 Vitamin E Powder Antioxidant Diet Confectionery Vasodilator Food Grade Additives

C29H50O2 430.71 Vitamin E Powder Antioxidant Diet Confectionery Vasodilator Food Grade Additives

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    C29H50O2 Vitamin E Powder


    430.71 Vitamin E Powder


    Antioxidant Diet powder

  • Product Name
    Vitamin E
  • Brand Name
    Kan Ying
  • Storage
    Cool Dry Place
  • Purity
  • Shelf Life
    2 Years
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C29H50O2 430.71 Vitamin E Powder Antioxidant Diet Confectionery Vasodilator Food Grade Additives

C29H50O2 430.71 Vitamin E Powder Antioxidant Diet Confectionery Vasodilator Food Grade Additives


1. Product title:Vitamin E


2. Product parameter table:


Product Name Vitamin E Specification 99%
Appearance White powder Main Effect Antioxidants
Brand Name Kan Ying Store-method Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life 2 Years When
Properly Stored
From India


3. Product Description:

Vitamin E (Vitamin E) is a fat-soluble Vitamin, and its hydrolyzed product is tocopherol, which is one of the most important antioxidants. Soluble in fat and ethanol and other organic solvents, insoluble in water, stable to heat and acid, unstable to alkali, sensitive to oxygen, insensitive to heat, but the activity of vitamin E is significantly reduced when frying. Tocopherol can promote the secretion of sex hormones and increase the motility and number of sperm. It can also be used to prevent male infertility, burn, frostbite, blood capillary bleeding, menopause syndrome, beauty and other aspects. Still discover vitamin E to be able to restrain the peroxidation fat reaction inside eye lens recently, make peripheral blood vessel dilate, improve blood circulation, prevent myopia to happen and development. The phenol hydroxyl group on the benzene ring of vitamin E is acetylated, and the ester is hydrolyzed to phenol hydroxyl group to tocopherol. Vitamin E is often mistaken for tocopherol.


4. Precautions:

toxic side effect
1. Vitamin E has anticoagulant activity, long-term high-dose intake can increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke
2. Intake of low-dose vitamin E has an antioxidant effect, but may no longer have antioxidant activity when ingested in large doses. At this time, vitamin E has become a pro-oxidant.
3. Intake of large doses of vitamin E can hinder the absorption and function of other fat-soluble vitamins.
Need to know
1. Vitamin E should be stored away from light.
2. Taking vitamin E capsules can cure some women's bleeding or menorrhagia after placing the birth control ring.
3. Taking more than 300 mg of vitamin E daily can reduce the body's immune function, and the body's T lymphocytes, B cells and mononuclear-phagocytic cell system functions are low, and various diseases are prone to occur. The Netherlands conducted a two-year survey in which researchers divided more than 600 healthy elderly people over 60 years old into two groups, one group taking vitamin E and the other taking placebo or sugar pills. During the study period, the incidence of respiratory infections in the two groups of elderly people was 68% and 67%, respectively. Among them, the elderly who took vitamin E were sick for about 19 days, fever accounted for 37%, and infection symptoms were more and more serious. The elderly who took placebo or sugar pills were sick for about 14 days, and fever accounted for 25%. This shows that the elderly who take vitamin E are more likely to have fever when they have respiratory infections, and the course of the disease is longer and more serious.
4. Taking vitamin E more than 400 mg daily can cause headache, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, menorrhagia or amenorrhea, and even thrombophlebitis and pulmonary embolism due to platelet aggregation. This is particularly important for the elderly, because pulmonary embolism will cause edema and atelectasis in the area near the embolism, affect the diffusion function, reduce the partial pressure of arterial blood oxygen, especially before the embolism, there is pulmonary heart disease, or there is pulmonary vascular resistance In abnormal elderly people, less embolism can cause pulmonary hypertension, which can lead to complications such as heart failure.
5. After taking more than 800 mg of vitamin E daily and continuously using it for 3 weeks. Creatineuria and serum creatine kinase activity will increase, which can aggravate hypertension, angina pectoris, diabetes and other diseases.
6. Reproductive dysfunction may occur when taking vitamin E2000 to 12000 mg daily.
It can be seen that although vitamin E is one of the essential nutrients for life, long-term use still needs to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist to minimize side effects.
Excess reaction
American medical expert Robert has offered advice: Long-term use of large doses of vitamin E can cause various diseases. The more serious ones are: thrombophlebitis or pulmonary embolism, or both occur at the same time, this is because high doses of vitamin E can cause platelet aggregation and formation; blood pressure rises, blood pressure can be reduced or returned to normal after stopping the drug; men and women Breast hypertrophy, headache, dizziness, dizziness, blurred vision, muscle weakness, cracked skin, cheilitis, angular cheilitis, and urticaria can occur; symptoms of diabetes or angina pectoris are significantly increased; hormone metabolism disorders, prothrombin reduction; blood cholesterol And the level of triglycerides increased; platelets increased and vitality increased and immune function decreased.
Adults take relatively large doses of vitamin E (d-α-tocopherol 400~800mg/d) for many years without any obvious damage. People who take 800~3200mg/d will occasionally experience muscle weakness, fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea. The most obvious toxic effect when vitamin E>1000mg/d is to antagonize the action of vitamin K and enhance oral coumarin anticoagulant This can cause significant bleeding.
When vitamin E is used with the following five drugs at the same time, it must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take it by yourself.
Aspirin: Both vitamin E and aspirin can reduce blood viscosity, so when vitamin E and aspirin are taken at the same time, the doctor should adjust the patient's dosage according to the specific situation.
Vitamin K: Vitamin E has an antagonistic effect on vitamin K, and can inhibit platelet aggregation and reduce blood coagulation. Therefore, please do not take vitamin E at the same time before surgery or when taking anticoagulant drugs.
Digitalis: Vitamin E can enhance the heart strengthening effect of digitalis. Patients who use such drugs should use vitamin E with caution to avoid digitalis poisoning.
Neomycin: Drugs that affect absorption, such as neomycin, will affect the body's absorption of vitamin E, so taking them at the same time may reduce the effects of both drugs.
Estrogen: Long-term high-dose (more than 400mg per day) taking vitamin E, especially in combination with estrogen, can induce thrombophlebitis, so be vigilant.
In addition, if vitamin E is taken with warfarin (a blood coagulant) at the same time, it will increase the possibility of abnormal bleeding. A cholesterol-lowering drug called a bile acid chelator (such as colestipol and cholestyramine) reduces the absorption of vitamin E. Vitamin E interacts with cyclosporine (a drug to treat cancer), reducing the effectiveness of both.
Compatibility taboo
Tocopherol is compatible with peroxides and metal ions, especially iron, copper and silver ions. Tocopherol can be absorbed by plastic.


5. Pictures of the product:

C29H50O2 430.71 Vitamin E Powder Antioxidant Diet Confectionery Vasodilator Food Grade Additives 0C29H50O2 430.71 Vitamin E Powder Antioxidant Diet Confectionery Vasodilator Food Grade Additives 1