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Spot Supply Trenbolone CAS Number 10161-33-8 Androgen, Anabolic Hormone Drugs

Spot Supply Trenbolone CAS Number 10161-33-8 Androgen, Anabolic Hormone Drugs

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    Hydrocortisone Acetate Powder


    Tadalafil API Anti Allergic


    Anti Toxin Tadalafil API

  • CAS NO
  • The Molecular Weight
  • Molecular Formula
  • The Density Of
    1.2±0.1 G/cm3
  • Melting Point
  • The Refractive Index
  • Main Effect
    Male Shock
  • Storage
    Cool Dry Place
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    Kan Ying
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    To discuss
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Dollars
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Spot Supply Trenbolone CAS Number 10161-33-8 Androgen, Anabolic Hormone Drugs

Spot Supply Trenbolone CAS Number 10161-33-8 Androgen, Anabolic Hormone Drugs

1, Product title: Trenbolone

 2, Product parameter table:


Product name Trenbolone appearance powder
Use of the product Male shock content 99%
Molecular formula C18H22O2 Shelf Life 2 Years
CAS 10161-33-8 Storage Cool Dry Place

 Spot Supply Trenbolone CAS Number 10161-33-8 Androgen, Anabolic Hormone Drugs 0

3, Trenbolone Biological function:


Most anabolic hormones have their effects through the action of testosterone, such as Anabolism, and virilization. Examples of assimilative effects: promote protein biosynthesis from amino acids, increase muscle size and strength, increase appetite, promote bone iliac growth, stimulate bone marrow, promote red blood cell production. Prosynthesis was more potent in increasing muscle girth than testosterone or booster.


Cyprone is a synthetic triene 19- desteroidal compound with complex properties. Its antiestrogen and antiprogesterone activity can be very strong or very weak. Acts on the hypothalamus. The pituitary axis reduces gonadotropin release and the preovulation peak disappears, thereby inhibiting ovulation. Animal experiments show that it can inhibit the secretion of progesterone, but also has the effect of progesterone on endometrium, so that the endometrium and the cells of ectopic lesions deactivate and degenerate, resulting in the atrophy of ectopic lesions. Its antifertility effect may be inhibiting ovulation and endometrial development, changing the nature of cervical mucus, affecting the ovum operation speed and antagonizing the endometrial progesterone receptor, thus interfering with the implantation of pregnant eggs. It is clinically used to treat endometriosis by atrophy and absorption. As it has a strong role in promoting protein synthesis, with the large-scale and intensive development of animal husbandry, a small number of production enterprises and breeders, operators in order to seek maximum profits, regardless of national laws and regulations, abuse or illegal use of hormones and other illegal drugs. As an assimilative hormone additive, it often leads to excessive residue in animal food. When people eat excessive residue of animal food, it will accumulate in the human body, produce a variety of adverse consequences, directly endanger human health and life.


4,Trenbolone  Relationship between chunbolon and diseases:

The use of chimbrone can accelerate bone aging and male breast development in children, and may even cause bone to stop growing. Many synthetic anabolic steroids are designed to produce more male hormones than feminization. Side effects include high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, skin acne, reduced sexual function and atrophy of the testicles. Male users may get breast enlargement. Female users report increased body hair, a lower voice, smaller breasts, enlarged clitoris and irregular periods. Some side effects are inevitable. Long-term users can also cause serious damage to liver function.


Because of its androgenic effect, long-term use of chimpron in women can cause water and sodium retention and slight masculinity in women. Sometimes cause cholestasis of capillary bile duct in liver and jaundice. Nephritis, heart failure and liver dysfunction patients with caution, pregnant women and prostate cancer patients contraindicated.


It is often used as a growth promoter in animal culture. It is stored in animal cells, tissues or organs in the form of protoform or intermediate metabolites (β -demethylandrotrienolone, α -demethylandrotrienolone).


The harm of dropotron residue includes the harm to animal itself and the harm to human body caused by dropotron residue in food of animal origin. As an animal growth promoter, chunblon can be found in liver, kidney and muscle of food animals. Dropotron residue refers to the accumulation of dropotron in the cells, tissues or organs of animals with protoform or intermediate metabolites when dropotron is used in animal breeding. Once after being eaten by the person, can produce a series of hormone like effect, if destroy the hormone balance of person airframe, interfere the endocrine function of the person, affect fertility, have potential carcinogenic sex, development toxicity (children precocious) reach female male change, when big dose can send liver function obstacle. The European Union has banned the use of growth hormone in the feeding of food animals since 1998. In 2004, the European Union put forward 18 kinds of veterinary drug residue and antibiotic detection and monitoring requirements for Chinese livestock and poultry products, which clearly pointed out that among the animal origin food and drug residue, dropron should not be detected. In April 2002, The Ministry of Agriculture of China issued the Notice No. 193 "List of Veterinary Drugs and Other Compounds Prohibited for Food Animals", which also clearly stated that sex hormone apis and their single and compound preparations are not allowed to be used in the feeding process of all food animals for the purpose of anti-stress, improving feed remuneration and promoting animal growth. Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), the United States, Japan and other organizations and countries have strict requirements on the residues of protein assimilation hormones in animal food. The Ministry of Agriculture of China issued the No. 235 document in 2002, which stipulated that the maximum residue limits of testosterone propionate, norone phenylpropionate, methyltestosterone and trampolon in animal food should not be detected in animal food.


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