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Tetracaine Hcl Powder API C15H25ClN2O2 Anesthetic Powder High Purity

Tetracaine Hcl Powder API C15H25ClN2O2 Anesthetic Powder High Purity

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    Tetracaine Hcl Powder


    API Anesthetic Powder


    C15H25ClN2O2 Anesthetic Powder

  • Product Name
    Tetracaine Hydrochloride
  • Purity
  • Place Of Origin
  • Shelf Life
    2 Years
  • Storage
    Cool Dry Place
  • Brand Name
    Kan Ying
  • CAS No
  • Color
    White Powder
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    Kan Ying
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  • Price
    To discuss
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Dollars
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Tetracaine Hcl Powder API C15H25ClN2O2 Anesthetic Powder High Purity

Tetracaine Hydrochloride Other APIs Anesthetic Powder It Is A Local Anesthetic


1. Product title:Tetracaine hydrochloride


2. Product parameter table:

Product Name Tetracaine hydrochloride Specification 99%
Appearance White powder Main Effect It is a local anesthetic
Brand Name Kan Ying Store-method Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life 2 Years When
Properly Stored
From India

3. Product Description:Tincaine hydrochloride micellar: the main component of this product, tincaine hydrochloride, acts on peripheral nerves, stabilizes nerve tissue cell membrane, reduces sodium ion flow, obstructs the normal polarization and depolarization alternately, and the nerve impulse transmission can not be carried out, and plays an analgesic role. Methylcellulose is a skeleton material that can increase the viscosity of the solution and play a lubrication role. Tetracaine hydrochloride injection/tetracaine hydrochloride injection:
Butka hydrochloride is a long-acting ester local anesthetic. This product is more fat soluble than procaine, permeability is stronger than procaine, local anesthetic effect and toxicity is 10 times greater than procaine. This product is used for epidural anesthesia. It starts slowly, takes about 10-15 minutes to act and lasts for 2-3 hours. For subarachnoid anesthesia, the onset time is 1.5-2 minutes. Mucosal surface surface anesthesia when the effect is rapid, 1-3 minutes to take effect, maintain 20-40 minutes. Large doses of this product can cause cardiac conduction system and central nervous system block.


4. Physical and chemical properties of tetracaine hydrochloride:

Boiling point 389.4 ° C at 760 mmHg
Melting point is 149 ° C
Molecular formula C15H25ClN2O2
The molecular weight of 300.824
Flash point 189.3 DHS C
Accurate mass 300.160461
PSA 41.57000
LogP 3.49200
Appearance white or off-white crystalline powder
Vapor pressure 2.87E-06mmHg at 25°C
Storage Conditions Refrigeration
Computational chemistry
1. Calculation reference value of hydrophobic parameters (XLOGP) : none

2. Number of hydrogen bond donors :2

3. Number of hydrogen bond receptors :4

4. Number of rotatable bonds :9

5. Number of tautomers :3

6. Topological molecular polar surface area 41.6

7. Heavy Atoms :20

8. Surface charge :0

9. Complexity :249

10. Number of isotopic atoms :0

11. Determine the number of protosteric centers :0

12. Number of uncertain atomic structuring centers :0

13. Determine the number of chemical bond formation centers :0

14. Uncertain number of bond structuring centers :0

15. Number of covalent bond units :2

5. Pictures of the product:

Tetracaine Hcl Powder API C15H25ClN2O2 Anesthetic Powder High Purity 0Tetracaine Hcl Powder API C15H25ClN2O2 Anesthetic Powder High Purity 1