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25KG New Zealand Whole Milk Powder

25KG New Zealand Whole Milk Powder

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    25KG New Zealand Whole Milk Powder


    99% New Zealand Whole Milk Powder


    Assay 99 pure milk powder

  • Product Name
    Whole Milk Powder New Zealand
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  • Specifications
  • Country Of Origin
    New Zealand
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    WestUnion, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer And Bitcoin Dollars
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    2 Years
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    EMS To Your Door, FEDEX, DHL, EUB, ETK, HK EMS, Special Line
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    Dry Place
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    New Zealand
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25KG New Zealand Whole Milk Powder

Whole Milk Powder New Zealand Calcium Deficiency, Children, Irritability, Insomnia, And Work Stress

1. Product name:New Zealand whole milk powder

Whole milk powder is produced with pure milk, basically maintaining the original nutrients in milk, protein is not less than 24%, fat is not less than 26%, lactose is not less than 37%. It takes about 8-9 kg of milk to produce 1 kg of whole milk powder, and it takes 8 times as much warm water to flush each milk powder. Full-fat is higher in fat than low-fat or nonfat.


Product form】

  • Product name

    New Zealand whole milk powder

  • Nickname (s)

    Whole milk powder

  • raw material

    Pure milk

  • preservatives

    Do not contain

  • nutrients

    Protein, fat, lactose

  • efficacy

    Prevent skin dryness and dullness, make skin fair

    and shiny;

  • crowd

    Suitable for people with calcium deficiency,

    children, irritabi  lity and insomnia


2. Food Introduction:

Whole milk powder is made of fresh milk after disinfection, dehydration and spray drying. Due to spray drying treatment, protein clots are small and soft, easier to digest than fresh milk, and have been sterilized and sterilized, suitable for infants.


However, volatile fats, sugars and vitamins were reduced. When making up, the ratio by weight is 1:8 and the ratio by volume is 1:4, which means the milk is reduced to raw milk. Feeding method with fresh milk feeding.


3. Nutrition:

The nutrient content of whole fat milk powder is 25.5% of protein, 26.5% of fat, 37.3% of carbohydrate, 979 milligrams of calcium, 685 milligrams of phosphorus, 1.9 milligrams of iron, 0.8 milligrams of riboflavin and 0.6 milligrams of niacin. The nutrient composition content of defatted milk powder is protein 36%, adipose 1%, carbohydrate 52%, every 100 grams contain calcium 1300 milligram, phosphorus 1030 milligram, iron 0.6 milligram, vitamin A(international unit)40, thiamine 0.35 milligram, riboflavin 1.96 milligram, niacic acid 1.1 milligram, ascorbic acid trace.


The mineral in whole milk powder is little, but as a result of adipose much, caloric is taller than defatted milk powder.


4.Product background:


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